LEAP Innovation District

With the planning and development of the LEAP Lebanon Innovation District, there is a need to update components of the Comprehensive Plan.

The LEAP Innovation District aims to establish the next district of global innovation, Sustainable Development, and a vibrant mixed-use community. The LEAP Innovation District will be home to industry-leading companies and startups in advanced manufacturing, technologies and research creating a district of innovation, knowledge, and technology. With over 9,000 acres, the LEAP Innovation District will have an environmentally sustainable framework through a green infrastructure network for Stormwater management, in-district energy production and improvement and preservation of natural ecosystems and habitats. At the core of the LEAP Innovation District will be a Mixed-Use Village development that is located along the Big 4 Trail and will include residential, retail and commercial uses to complement the innovation development Sites.

With the recent annexations and ongoing planning and development of the LEAP Innovation District there is a need to reflect the vision of the Innovation District’s Plan with updates to several components of the Lebanon Redefined Comprehensive Plan. A Concept Plan Document that summarizes the vision, land uses and infrastructure of the proposed LEAP Innovation District can be found below.