Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a document with a long-range view that serves as a guide for making land use decisions, preparing capital improvement programs, and determining the rate, timing, and location of future growth. It establishes a long-term vision, goals, and objectives that direct investment and development activity within the City of Lebanon. This provides the policy basis for zoning regulations and development controls. A comprehensive plan examines the inter-relationships between land use, transportation, utilities, and the local economy.

The City’s comprehensive plan will cover a large planning area that includes the City of Lebanon as well as Center Township. Typically, a comprehensive plan will look 20 years into the future; however, it should be reviewed annually to ensure it stays relevant with changing demographics, development trends, economic shifts, and changes in citizen’s values.

State law identifies requirements that need to be incorporated into a comprehensive plan (Indiana Code 36-7-4-502). A comprehensive plan must contain at least the following elements:

  • A statement of objectives for the future development.
  • A statement of policy for the land use development.
  • A statement of policy for the development of public ways, public places, public lands, public structures, and public utilities.

Who is Involved in the Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan update is being guided by City staff, consultants, and a project steering committee comprised of residents, business owners, and representatives from numerous community organizations. The process will have multiple opportunities for residents to communicate their vision for the City and provide input and direction on plan recommendations. We strongly desire community involvement and encourage citizen participation throughout this process. We know that the success of this planning effort will depend on engaging the community, so we have provided multiple ways to get involved. Two public open houses are planned as part of this process. Additionally, this website and the City’s Facebook page will be utilized to collect input.

City Leadership

  • Matt Gentry, Mayor
  • Joe LePage, Communications and Community Development Director
  • Ben Bontrager, Planning Director
  • Kevin Krulik, City Engineer

Steering Committee

  • Jerry Alexander, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
  • Jeri Day, Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Trace Bowles, Lebanon Utilities
  • Caleb Edwards, Lebanon Redevelopment Commission
  • Christina Edwards, Resident
  • Kent Frandsen, Parr Richey Frandsen Patterson Kruse
  • Jeremy Lollar, Lebanon Plan Commission
  • Tiffany Perdue, Heart of Lebanon, DevLab
  • Dustin O’Brien, Lebanon STEM Foundation
  • Katie Pollock, Mental Health America of Boone County
  • Matt Reynolds, Lebanon Plan Commission
  • Michael Susong, Lebanon Utilities
  • Nicholas Toleos, Lebanon Youth Council
  • Taylor Wagoner, Lebanon Youth Council
  • Ryan West, Saint Adrian Meats
  • Molly Whitehead, Boone County Economic Development Corp.
  • Matt Wilson, Boone County Mentoring Partnership

Consultant Team

  • Cynthia Bowen, Rundell Ernstberger Associates
  • Adam Peaper, Rundell Ernstberger Associates
  • Keri Kirschner, Pivot Marketing
  • Jordan Hunt, Pivot Marketing